Well rested full of energy (and full of a budget buffet breakfast), I headed South East of Adelaide. It was a beautiful drive, very flat and very straight. There was very few cars on the road so I sat back, relaxed, cranked up some Hilltop Hoods and cruised down past the Coorong. 3 hours later I stopped in at Kingston S.E for a pub lunch of Scallops and Mulloway, both deep fried, with a side of chips, salad bar and a pint of pale. Picking up a six pack of Pale Ale I cracked one for the road and headed for Wangolina.

About 10 min out of Kingston I got pulled over by the cops (800m from my destination,) I was probably doing about 120ish. I quickly threw by beer under the seat and thought my day was ruined. But somehow I got off with a caution (I had been doing 119.) With my luck used up for the day and an important lesson learnt I pulled in at Wangolina Winery.

Wangolina Winery is set on a beautiful family farm. Everything is very green and very clean. Up to about 15 years ago, John ran cattle on the farm. He had two daughters, Anita and Kristen, who had both left the family home to pursue other careers. He realised if he was going to get either of them to come home and take the farm over from him, he would have lure them back with something a bit more exciting than cattle. So he planted some vines. And home they came. With a selection of Shiraz, Semillon Sauvingon Blanc, and Cabernet Sauvingon to work with, Anita took over as head winemaker. I proceeded to taste the wines with the exceptional service of Sarah. The 2015 Sauvingon Blanc was the first stand out. On opening it had a beautiful deep floral aroma reminiscent of pineapple that subtly permeated the room. The flavour was a well balanced sweet/sour passionfruit, with a lovely nutty/buttery finish, bit like a good macadamia. Next to jump out was the Pinot Gris. The aroma was a mix of the ocean, drift wood and seaweed. The 2012 Syrah was the hit of the reds. Syrah, as described by Anita, is the new wanky name for Shiraz. Its best descirbed as a well made Shiraz if you ask me. Rich, dark, smooth and delicious. So Sarah and I drank the rest of that bottle and bonded over memories of Loreto open days and getting busted by the cops.

I set up camp out the back and had a dinner of left over Osso Bucco and Braised Cabbage before settling in for an early night. After a good sleep in I got up to a blue sky, warm sun and a new day. I set up the coffee machine, completely re-organised the camp, wrote a list of things I’d forgotten and cooked breakfast.

Today it was to be poached eggs, kale, tomato and Kimchi. To poach eggs I fill a medium saucepan 3/4 with water, add enough white wine vinegar so I can just taste the acidity in the water, and bring it to a rapid boil. In this circumstance I didn’t have any vinegar so I opted for lemon juice, which worked suprisingly well. I then create a whirl pool with the end of a wooden spoon before cracking the eggs in one at a time. I would do around six a time. I then return the pot to the boil before reducing to min heat and cooking for about 3 min until the white is almost set to the touch. I then remove to a dry towel to drain. I blanched the kale in salted water for about 3 min then added to a pan where Id lightly sauteed the diced tomato in olive oil. I tossed this together with some lovely Kimchi from Gut Feeling.

Gut feeling was started this year by good friend and past Hughsli employee Sam Whitehead. Gut Feeling is a fermented vegetable business specializing in Sauerkraut, Kimchi and Kombucha. Sam uses wild fermenting techniques, locally sourced produce direct from local farmers, and a very good eye for flavour. His products are currently available at Goodies and Grains and I would highly recommend checking them out.

Tonight its dinner in Robe, stay tuned..

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  1. Kerry Stark May 20, 2015 at 9:26 am #

    Hi Hugh…
    A delicious holiday & a great read… I tried your suggestion with the stuffed mushrooms… Worked a treat… Thank you… Enjoy! K

  2. Roger May 20, 2015 at 12:29 pm #

    Sounds great Hugh! Good to see you enjoying the delights of the SE. I had a delicious breakfast of porridge with Hughsli stewed apricots this morning. Am enjoying gradually setting up the kitchen just for myself again … but does seem very big and empty now it’s only me.

    Hope you are enjoying some nice weather down that way today.

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